Because we want to provide the best service possible to our patients and families, O’Connor Hospital provides free wireless internet access. This service is available throughout the hospital, including patient rooms, the main lobby, and our cafeteria.


The SSID (Service Set Identity) for the network is broadcast as HHS_Guest; your wireless device should recognize this and allow you to connect. If you have an alternate device you may need to enter the SSID through “settings” or “wireless”.

Once you have entered this information, the network should be recognized. The first time you open a browser window you will be asked to read and accept our terms and conditions.

Please note that wireless networks are shared among all users and are public, so use caution when sending personal, identifiable or sensitive information. Because of the open nature of public networks, they often lack the same level of security you might be accustomed to at work and at home. If the web sites you visit support the industry standard SSL encryption, guest access is as secure as wired standard network.

O’Connor Hospital cannot provide or loan laptops or computers to visitors or patients, and our Information Technology Department cannot provide technical support for your personal device or the service. If you have further questions about the service, please call (888) 888-7520.

Ask one of our staff members for a copy of our brochure, which includes frequently asked questions and answers that will help you access the Internet wirelessly while you are visiting us.

We hope you enjoy this service and that it helps to meet your communications needs while you are our patient or visitor.