At O’Connor Hospital, our Subacute care is comprehensive, multidisciplinary and goal oriented. Residents requiring this level of care require 24-hour nursing care for very serious disease processes and catastrophic illnesses.

Our team includes:

  • Skilled nurses who are available 24/7
  • Respiratory Therapist 24/7
  • Physicians
  • Rehabilitation specialists

The Subacute program provides a transition between levels of care for patients that are most appropriate for patients in the continuum of care while also providing cost savings in the acute hospital setting. They can easily transfer between the hospital setting and the more comprehensive Subacute 24-hour care setting, depending the severity of their illness and needs. Subacute units located in hospital settings are licensed as skilled nursing facility beds and contracted with the State of California to provide Subacute care to residents that meet criteria set by the State.


The Subacute level of care is a lower-cost option for patients with complex and severe medical needs. The state of California certifies a certain number of Medicare or Medicaid skilled nursing facility (nursing home) beds. 

O’Connor Hospital Subacute care beds are certified by the state as nursing home beds. Residents who meet Medicare or Medicaid criteria can reduce their costs by receiving benefits from these programs.

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