Birth Center at O'Connor Hospital


Our Obstetric Emergency Department (OBED) care team offers timely and specialized emergency care 24/7 to pregnant patients presenting with unscheduled medical needs and is conveniently located at O’Connor Hospital. Dedicated to serving all women in Santa Clara County at any time during their pregnancy, our highly skilled care team typically evaluates and treats patients more efficiently than a general emergency department while using evidence-based expertise.

Located in a dedicated space separate from the O’Connor Hospital Labor & Delivery Unit, the OBED treats patients with pregnancy and postpartum-related obstetrical concerns. Conditions commonly treated in an OBED include abdominal pain, preterm labor, preeclampsia, abnormal vaginal bleeding, labor checks, bladder infections, decreased fetal movement, and increased blood pressure. All patients have immediate access to onsite providers and are evaluated and treated quickly by a highly-skilled obstetrics physician.

If admission to a hospital is required, our OBED care team ensures that care and treatment are coordinated with the mother’s primary care provider/OB-GYN at an appropriate and agreed upon facility.